Solves Utility problems of Storage, Ease of Access and Serviceability

Addresses Aspirational problems of Space, Comfort and Perceived Quality

Ease of Operation without compromising the Overall

Cabin Design

Conventional 3-wheeler drivers have to compromise on important aspects like comfort, storage and ease of access. To meet their needs, they generally opt for make-shift solutions.

In our approach to modernise the 3W interior design, we aimed at integrating the utility factor of a commercial vehicle and the aesthetic appeal of a personal vehicle.

A prominent graphic breakup in the dashboard separates the entire volume into two layers, and neatly demarcates the Open and Closed storage spaces.

Driver Seating & Comfort

Introducing driver comfort to a cost-sensitive commercial vehicle is always challenging. Spring-loaded mechanical suspension under the seat proved to be the most viable solution to this challenge.

The seat design respects the local anthropometric user data to ensure ergonomic use. Its dual-tone upholstery maintains the visual harmony with the dashboard design.

The higher roof-line of the vehicle provides more room within the cabin and eases ingress and egress for the driver. 

Ease of Operation

The utility factor of the cabin extends to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) application.

It serves as a comprehensive solution for various user needs. It furnishes real-time updates on essential data, such as battery percentage, temperature, and DTE (Distance to Empty), enabling users to plan their trips in advance.

In this plug-and-play application, the driver can conveniently bring their device and dock it into the designated slot on the dashboard. 

Ease of Access & Serviceability

Opening just one panel under the dashboard would give us access to service, repair or replace all electrical and mechanical components in the cabin area.

The strategy for interior panel assembly also maintains high quality of gap and flush conditions, for better perceived quality.

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