Modernizing the decades old Design Form of Indian 3-wheeler

Demonstrating Design & Technology Solutions for Last-Mile Delivery Vehicle

TD323 was showcased at Auto-Expo Components 2023, New Delhi

A fresher design

For the past 50 years, the look and feel of 3wheelers have remained nearly the same.

In our effort to modernize the 3wheeler design holistically, we wanted to solve functional as well as aspirational problems.

As a result, we created a distinctive design integrating cost and energy efficient EV technologies from Uno Minda.

We then created a fully functional prototype to effectively demonstrate design and technology solutions for a last-mile delivery vehicle.

From Concept To Reality

Like all our design projects, TD323 started with a user research followed by ideation and concept generation.

The initial concept underwent multiple phases of iteration through digital modelling, before transitioning to full scale prototyping.

TD323 is designed for manufacturing. All its body panels and support structures have been thoughtfully put together in a strategic order of assembly to maintain a high quality of gap and flush condition. 

Technology Demonstrator

To better serve the purpose of a technology demonstrator, we designed a ‘Vista Tech-Window’ on the loading bay.

The window displays the entire EV power-train. This design also allows a single panel access to repair and replace the components, improving the ease-of-access over a conventional 3wheelers.

We had conducted surveys with delivery vehicle operators to get critical information like actual driving hours, trip conditions, charging duration etc.

We used this information to optimize the battery and motor capacity, and other EV system components.

Driver Cabin

The interior cabin addresses the pain points of a conventional 3-wheeler drivers, who often compromise with comfort and perceived quality.

The dashboard features a prominent graphic breakup that neatly demarcates the Open and Closed storage spaces.

Exclusive features like suspension seat and plug-n-play BYOD adds to the driver comfort and ease of operation.

Interior panel assembly allows easy access to service and repair components.

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